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Newspaper Articles – List

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Starbucks boss apologises for ‘racist’ arrest 
Ex-Met police poster girl who cried racism LOSES all 33 claims after tribunal heard she complained of prejudice whenever she was unhappy at work 
California Starbucks barista prints the racist slur ‘beaner’ on a Mexican customer’s drink despite calling out his name correctly 
Whistleblower doctor Peter Duffy accused of racism 
Young British Muslims ‘hampered by discrimination’, finds report 
Thousands of Dalits protest at discrimination and violence 
The Idyllic Restaurant Chain Owned by a Homophobic, Racist, Child-Beating Cult 
Two newspapers accused of inciting racism toward Cambridge studen 
Racist comments ‘should be investigated by police’ 
‘Mother’ of model in ‘racist’ monkey hoodie advert slams celebs ‘crying wolf’ and causing ‘unnecessary controversy’ 
Fresh racism row as black graduate hit by banana at university match in Sheffield 
Half of employees have witnessed racism at work, says survey 
UK ‘more racist after Brexit’ 
Students demand UK universities take urgent action against racism
Voter identity checks may discriminate against ethnic minority communities, watchdog says 
Tories want to stamp out discrimination, but where are the policies? 
Employers are rejecting pregnant women 
In Labour’s Top Trumps, being trans scores more than being a racist 
Racist and sexist abuse was ignored, judge claims 
Will Meghan and Harry’s wedding change views on racism and diversity in UK 
You feel the discrimination every day 
Shine a light on racism and discrimination in further education 
Transgender people ‘aren’t safe in Britain’ 
We Should All Be Happy For Our New Duchess 
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry relationship exposes ‘quiet’ racism 
Police force faces racism accusation after officer acquitted in Taser case 
Tories face racism claims over voter ID checks at polling stations as human rights watchdog warns they could deter ethnic minorities from voting 
The BTS Army Is Calling Out Racism In The Fandom 
Tackling group discrimination in the press 
UK central banker apologizes for ‘menopausal’ remark 
UK must act against race inequality, Theresa May says 
UK gender inequality as bad as 10 years ago, EU league table shows 
Quantitative easing ‘reduced UK wealth inequality’, says BoE 
It’s time for the Commonwealth to act on injustice and inequality 
Wealth inequality was behind Brexit vote 
Inequality is a threat to our democracies 
Inequalities among older people, especially women, ‘shameful’ 
UK Gypsy camp review criticised for fuelling prejudice 
Not-so liberal Britain: more than one in four admits race prejudice 
Ukip and the acceptable face of prejudice 
Prince Harry and Meghan targets of racist terror hoax 
Row over racist Max Mosley by-election leaflet
Universities ‘want to pretend racism is not happening’ 
Racism and Donald Trump: a common thread throughout his career and life 
Racist reporting still rife in Australian media 
Facebook fails to delete hate speech and racism 
Racist far right finds a home on Facebook 
National Geographic: for decades, our coverage was racist 
Put hatred aside and march together against racism 
Corbyn’s son ‘recruited racist for film’ 
Durham students caught up in racism row after karaoke act 
Racism row over all-white shortlist in Next mothers contest 
Oxford professor branded ‘racist’ after calling for less guilt about the British Empire 
Poland is racist for turning away refugees, says Juncker 
‘I am proud to be a feminist’ – Will Meghan shake-up Britain’s royals? 
Racist lawyer who threatened to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish in a Manhattan restaurant is a Trump supporter who was filmed shouting ‘you are not a Jew’ at a rabbi during a NYC protest 
Freemasons call for end to ‘discrimination’ of members 
Editor rubbishes claims of ‘discrimination’ over begging piece 
Carrie Gracie pay protest: is the BBC guilty of discrimination? 
Insurers face probe over racial discrimination in setting premiums 
Britain’s first race audit reveals extent of discrimination 
Separating school pupils by sex is discrimination 
Labour bans straight white men at conference 
Muslims ‘face discrimination and glass ceiling at work’ 
IPSO upholds discrimination complaint against Argus report on paedophile’s conviction after magistrates’ court hearing 
Oscars’ star inspires a new equality battle 
Walk off the pitch after racial abuse, says Lord Ouseley 
100 years after women got the vote men now suffer discrimination, says ANN WIDDECOMBE 
Austrian ‘anti-male’ discrimination victim gets £263,000 compensation after being unfairly passed over for promotion because of his gender 
Only Labour will tackle discrimination and create a fairer Britain 
Overweight police officer dubbed ‘Blue Moon’ loses discrimination case 
More than half British people support racial profiling of Muslims and Arabs for security reasons, survey reveals 
Tribunal can determine police officer’s discrimination claim 
Verhofstadt slams May for ‘discrimination’ against EU citizens in freedom of movement row 
BBC facing investigations after being accused of ‘silencing’ sex bias and harassment victims with gagging clauses 
European jobseekers face discrimination 
Black judge in Lutfur Rahman case sues for race discrimination 
Man with Asperger’s Syndrome wins £25,000 discrimination payout after being refused entry to ride at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland 
Met Police poster girl seeking over £140K in racial discrimination claim 
Income inequality is not rising, but seen from the middle it looks worse 
The article that changed my view … of racial inequality in America 
Inequality in wealth, not income, is the most economically damaging 
#Ustoo: How does the UK compare for gender equality? 
‘Ladydata’ could be the answer to tackling inequality 
People know instinctively that inequality is no cause for satisfaction 
Capitalism mark 2 will widen inequality 
Inequality Is Biggest Danger for Global Growth, Warn Top Economists 
Racial inequality across Britain in 21 graphics 
Honesty about a job’s value would put paid to question of inequality 
Left-wing ‘policy guru’ SHUT DOWN over FALSE inequality claim at Budget on BBC Newsnight 
Audit a `starting point´ for action to tackle racial inequality, May promises 
IMF calls for higher taxes on rich to ease inequality 
Rich as Croesus but far less equal: why the wealth gap inequality keeps growing