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Step 3 – Formal Commitment & Pledge

There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity. 

Nathaniel Branden

Make a formal commitment

Taking the leap! 

Congratulations! if you have got this far, everyone in your organisation must be aware that you are on the CCQM journey ! Your website and social media should reflect your journey so far. 

For this step –step three– there are multiple ways to complete this step. You could sign up online in a petition style sign up form, or you could use a large piece of paper to gather signatures, or each team could sign a poster and upload a smiley photo of them holding it. You might choose to email everyone, ask them to click an agreement button on your CCQM page where the number of responses can be held and displayed. The choice is yours.

But however you choose to do it, to complete this phase, you need to:

  1. Complete the formal commitment form
  2. Provide us with a pledge of your commitment and proof of who is taking the journey with you. i.e. a link to where it is on your website is enough. 

Ensure that the world can see videos/photos of presentations, photos with people holding the brochure… written or audio responses from members. It’s up to you! 

This is the final step of phase 1

Example statements

I/We _______ Name of organisation/group ________ do hereby declare that we apply for the CCQM for our organisation. By signing this statement of intent we agree to begin the CCQM journey towards building harmonious relationships. Please check our website for photos of teams who have engaged and check our social media for individual pledges. 

I/We _______ Name of organisation/group ________ pleased to inform you through this formal statement that we intend to apply for the CCQM. This executive decision was made by the (GB/Executive board/Committee members/Managers/Leaders) who fully support and endorse this letter. We have already created a page on our website to document our journey. Here is the link…

We, the staff of ____________ commit to improving our organisation to ensure that every interaction we have with our staff/members/customers/ is culturally responsive and promotes equality of opportunity for all individuals.  We are ready for the journey! Check our website for photos of our meetings. Signed:

We, the members of ___________ commit to the lifelong journey towards cultural competency. We aim to work our way through the phases of the CCQM to learn more about ourselves and others, so that we can be an active, conscientious group working together to build a harmonious community. Please see our signatures below:

Formal Commitment

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Download and complete the
Stage 3 Formal Commitment Document
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Email the completed document here

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