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Approved Partners

How do I apply to become an Approved Partner (AP) ?

Firstly we need you to submit an application telling us about you/your organisation, your area of expertise, current training courses and a summary of evaluations, DBS and references. At each stage, we may ask you for extra information, or recommend things that you need to do before we can offer you Approved Partner status. Following this, if we still wish to go ahead, we will contact you to request your attendance at our Approved Partner training course (fees apply). Once this has been completed successfully, your organisation will be added to our website.

Level One and Level Two

Our APs

Level One Approved Partners are not Quality Assured by the CCQM team. Level one approved partners deliver their own training courses to organisations where requested.

Level Two Approved Partners, are Quality Assured by the CCQM and are approved to deliver our specialised training courses. These Approved Partners must attend a series of train the trainer sessions which will enable them, if successful, to deliver the high quality CCQM courses that are specifically tailored to cover the mandatory learning modules.

Contact us to express your interest in becoming an approved partner